Kids’ Craft: How to Make Bunny Stamp Paintings

Using a sponge, washable paint and a cotton ball, my kids and I made these adorable bunny pictures for the spring season. Stamp painting helps kids strengthen their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Here’s how to make these with your kids as well as four free printable bunny designs to get you started.

Materials Needed


  1. Prep the activity by printing, cutting out and taping the bunnies to the canvases. I used a thicker, cardstock paper to print the bunnies because it holds up better to massive quantities of paint (aka – toddler artists).
  2. Show kids how to use the sponge to stamp paint their canvases. Encourage them to stamp straight down along the rabbit and to try to color the whole canvas.
  3. Set aside to dry.
  4. Once dry, peel off the bunny.
  5. Glue a cotton ball on for the bunny’s tail.
  6. Display proudly or let your kids gift their artwork to someone special.

Overall, I spent a little more time with prep work than I usually do for a kids’ craft, but we really enjoyed making these little bunny paintings so it was well worth the extra effort. For those doing this activity with young kids, I highly recommend providing a piece of sponge per paint blob. For instance, my kids each picked three colors of paint and received three sponges to help keep colors from mixing.

Also, my kids didn’t really follow instructions, and that’s ok! My oldest turned this into a finger painting activity, and her hands were covered in pink paint (that washed off). My younger child is a toddler, so she doesn’t have a long attention span. She stamped her sponges a few times, declared that she was “Done!” and asked for more paper to paint.

Remember, kids crafts are more about taping into their creativity, experimenting with new ideas, and having fun together. Overall, stamp painting was a fantastic way to spend a crafty afternoon indoors!

Interested in more Spring-themed kids activities? Check out this older blog post for another free printable kids activity or visit my Etsy shop. Proceeds from my shop help keep this blog going!


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