Kindred Inspiration is devoted to helping young families.  As an experienced childcare provider and mom, I have learned a great deal over the past few years.  I want to share my unique perspective, tips, and ideas as well as hear what works for you and your family.

Here’s a little more about me:

My name is Michelle, and I am a freelance writer, owner and designer of many quiet books and printable activities, and a mom.  Prior to motherhood, I earned a masters degree in Communication Studies and worked as a marketing  and childcare professional.  Now, I am a SAHM who writes, designs printable activities, crochets, cooks, and sings Baby Shark on repeat.

I hope you enjoy my website and printable activities!  Connect more with Kindred Inspiration on social media and check out my shop on Etsy.


Because I cherish the relationship I have with each of my former clients and the safety of the children I cared for, names and locations have been changed to protect their privacy.