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Cops and Robbers Quiet Book

Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners will love learning and playing with this Cops and Robbers themed quiet book. Instantly download a PDF and enjoy hours of learning activities and games geared toward early childhood education.  

Use printable activities to create separate file folder games or combine them to make a busy binder or quiet book. Either way, these learning activities provide a perfect way to keep kids entertained at home and on-the-go!

Book Includes:
1. Police Gear – Shadow matching and vocabulary building activity
2. Five Senses – Identify the five senses and match the item to the officer’s sense
3. On the Scent – Hide-and-Seek Game where kids help the police dog find its treat
4. Dispatch Units – Counting and math activity
5. Police Action Game – Movement game
6. Shape Sorting – Identify and sort police-themed items by shape
7. Police Lineup – Sort suspects from tallest to shortest
8. Transportation – Sort the police transports by whether they travel on land, water, or in the sky (Transportation pieces can also be used for play mat on next page)
9. Play Mat – Main street play scene for pretend play
10. Off Duty – Play scene and area to hold cops and robber cut outs when not in use

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Arctic Adventure Quiet Book (Printable)

Easy to make, no-sew printable quiet book pattern that’s entertaining and educational for toddlers and young kids. Make a mini quiet book for easy travel or separate file folder games and worksheets with these arctic-themed printable activities!  

Book Includes:

  1. Ice Fishing – Color matching activity
  2. Arctic Find It – Look and find activity
  3. Arctic Animal Families – Matching adult animals with their babies
  4. Snowmobile Race – Pre-writing activity
  5. Sea Lion Play Time – Shape matching
  6. A Second Look – Recognizing differences
  7. Dog Sled Team – Early counting and math activity
  8. Polar Action Game – Movement game
  9. Seasonal Clothes – Sort clothes by weather

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