5 tips to help your preschooler finish their valentines

Writing valentines for a class party can be an arduous task for preschoolers and parents alike.  What may have started as a fun activity with cartooned cards and colorful stickers quickly turns into a battleground once the work of writing comes into play.  Here are five ways that you can help them finish their valentines and keep your sanity:

  1. Break it into manageable pieces.  It’s a big task, so have them work on 1-3 cards at different times throughout the day.  Giving them an easily attainable goal more frequently is better than pushing them beyond their limits.
  2. Praise their efforts.  Preschoolers are just learning to write letters, and we are asking them to write words.  Writing each of their classmates’ names is a huge challenge for them, so tell them how proud you are of their hard work.
  3. Remind them how much their classmates will appreciate their cards.  Kids live in the moment, which when writing valentines, may not be a good moment.  A gentle reminder that they are doing something nice for someone else may give them the boost they need to finish.
  4. Know their limitations.  If your child is truly struggling, write the names lightly on the card and have them trace it.  They will still be working on their handwriting skills, and it may speed up the process.
  5. Treat them.  They’ve worked hard on their valentines and should be rewarded for their efforts.  It doesn’t have to be a big reward.  It just has to be something that they value, like letting them pick what’s for dinner or what game to play for family game night.

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