3 developmentally-packed baby activities for 4-6 month olds

When life gets busy, parents don’t always have as much time to devote to their baby as they’d like. Spending time with a baby is crucial for their physical and mental development as well as your bond. Make the most out of your time together with these three developmentally-packed activities for 4-6 month olds.

  1. Read interactive books. Reading has been linked to improving communication skills and a higher aptitude for learning. By using sensory books or lift-the-flap books, your baby will be more involved cognitively and physically. Take this activity one step further by reading during tummy time or while your baby is propped up in a seated position to strengthen their core muscles.
  2. Noisey toys. Introduce a noisey toy to your baby and show them that the toy makes noise when they shake, hit, or kick it. Noisey toys help babies learn cause and effect. Plus, this strategy is ideal for parents on-the-go as a noisey toy can be clipped to a car seat or stroller, so babies are learning while running errands.
  3. Baby exercises. Lay your baby on a blanket and help them with rolling, sitting, and standing. Enhance this time by introducing a mirror to your exercise area. Mirror play will lay the foundation for self-awareness, imitation, as well as social and emotional development. Ensure that the mirror is safe by using a shatter proof mirror and securing it to the wall if needed.

For more information on baby exercises, please click the videos below.


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