15 Free, printable preschool activities for spring

I spend more time than I like to admit on Pinterest, and I love free, printable kids activities. For preschoolers, I look for activities that target fine motor skill development, the alphabet, numbers, writing, critical thinking and problem solving. Additionally, I love activities that inspire exploration, independence and creativity.

Here are 15 free, printable preschool activities for spring courtesy of my Pinterest addiction.

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt by The Measured Mom gets kids excited to play outside. This fun, picture scavenger hunt encourages exploration and physical activity.
  2. Garden and Grow Play Dough Mat by Picklebums provides a wonderful indoor activity that will entertain and inspire. Using the printable play dough mat, kids can be as creative as they’d like making a potted flower or vegetable garden. Plus, play dough helps strengthen hand muscles and fine motor skills.
  3. Fruit and Vegetable I-Spy by The Pleasantest Thing promotes attention to detail and observation skills. Preschoolers can probably do this activity on their own, giving parents the freedom to cook dinner, pay bills or make a phone call.
  4. Flower Dice Game by iheartcraftythings offers a fun and educational way to reinforce counting and numbers. Preschoolers can play this game with parents, siblings or friends.
  5. Backyard Bird Checklist by The National Wildlife Federation is perfect during the spring migration period. Preschoolers will need an adult or someone old enough to read to do this activity with them, and bird watching is a great way to introduce kids to the wonders of their backyard. Boost the power of this activity by making a bird feeder and hanging it where kids can easily view it during meal times.
  6. Bug Counting Puzzles by Life Over C’s offers a counting and critical thinking activity that preschoolers can do with minimal supervision. As an added benefit, have your child cut the page’s puzzle pieces to help strengthen their fine motor skills and give them more cutting practice.
  7. Flower Parts Flip Book by 123 Homeschool 4 Me is ideal for craft time on rainy days. This printable craft helps preschoolers develop fine motor skills, cut and paste, and learn about the parts of a flower.
  8. Weather Headband by More Excellent Me provides a fun, easy craft for future weather men and women. Plus, this cut and paste activity is ideal for fine motor skill development.
  9. Baseball Maze from Education.com offers a sporty activity kids can do on their own. Mazes encourage problem solving, writing practice and critical thinking.
  10. Kite Decorating from Crayola inspires creativity and can be adapted to more than coloring. Preschoolers can decorate their kites with crayons, markers, paint, stickers, puffs, glitter, and any other craft supplies on hand.
  11. Beginning Sounds Board Game by Playdough to Plato is a fun alphabet game the family will enjoy. This printable game will not only reinforce letters, but it will also encourage good sportsmanship and the importance of taking turns.
  12. Soccer Connect the Dots from Kidspot reinforces counting, writing and fine motor skills. As an added benefit, preschoolers can connect the dots on their own, giving you a free couple of minutes.
  13. Star Gazing Craft by Kids Activities Blog offers a fun lacing activity for fine motor development. Spring is an ideal time to teach kids about constellations. The evenings are getting warmer, and it’s still dark before their bedtime.
  14. Rainbow Picture Puzzle from Education.com is a colorful way for kids to hone their cutting and pasting skills as well as their problem solving skills. Another benefit to this activity is that after they’ve finished cutting, preschoolers should be able to complete this activity on their own.
  15. Summer and Winter Clothing Sort by ABCs to ACTs promotes fine motor skill development, sorting and cutting and pasting. Additionally, this activity helps children understand appropriate warm and cold day attire, an important piece of knowledge in the spring time when some days are warm and others cold.

For more printable activities for preschoolers, follow Kindred 2016 on Pinterest.


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