Easy children’s book and sticker craft

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Goodnight Moon book themed craft

Around 15 months, my little one started to love the children’s book Goodnight Moon.  It became a regular part of our bedtime routine, and she loved to point and have me label all of the things the bunny tells goodnight (especially the kittens).  Because of her love for this book, I gave her an easy foam sticker craft before story time.

I used construction paper to make the night sky and moon and large foam stickers from the dollar store for the stars.  We glued the moon on together because she was still learning how to handle a glue stick.

The foam stickers were an amazing adventure for her.  They were big enough for her to handle, and she loved sticking them on, picking them off, and sticking them on again!  Honestly, I couldn’t believe how happy this activity made her, so I thought I’d share it with you.

The foam stickers provided an engaging fine motor activity for my toddler, and to my surprise, she understood that we were making a night sky like in her book.  She pointed to the moon in her book and on the paper over and over again.

This easy children’s craft was a great way to incorporate story and craft times.  Book-themed crafts are so fun and engage children on numerous educational and developmental levels.  Feel free to share this one with your friends on social media!



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