Free printable camping play mat

Free printable camping kids play scene

Free camping printable play scenePrintable play scenes provide a quick and easy way to spruce up craft and playtime.  I created a camping play mat initially so my toddler could practice her fine motor skills with stickers (a great, mess-free craft).

Kids may also use this as a starting point for pretend play.  Let their creativity run loose as some of their toys go on a camping trip.

If you are playing with them, note the hiking trail, how the mountains have snow on their peaks because it’s colder in higher altitudes, and talk about some of the animals that live in the forest and mountains.

This free printable is a great way to entertain little ones on the go as well!  Print it out and put it in your purse with a few small toys or stickers, and you have an activity to keep them occupied when you need it!  So next time you are held up at the bank or waiting on food at a restaurant, you can keep the kids entertained.

Click this link for my free, printable PDF:  Camping Play Mat.  I’d love to see how your kids use this play scene!  Take a picture and share it on Pinterest or comment below!


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