Free printable farm play mat

Free Kids Printable: Farm Play Scene

Free printable kids farm craft sceneLike many kids, my child loves farm animals, and animal-themed crafts, activities, and songs!  I created this free, printable farm scene to give parents, like me, an easy kids’ activity.

This farm printable is great for kids who love Old MacDonald had a Farm!  Parents and kids can act out the song by putting animal toys on the play mat as they sing the song or by creating stick puppets.

Making Learning Fun has a great, free farm stick puppet printable!  It’s black and white, so kids can color the puppets, attach them to popsicle sticks and play with them.  Click here to check out this free, farm stick puppet printable.

Farm Stick Puppet Kids Craft

Free farm stick puppet printable from Making Learning Fun.

This barnyard play mat also works well for farm animal sticker crafts.  Stickers provide a mess-free, low prep kids craft and help children develop fine motor skills.

When I give my young toddler a play scene rather than blank piece of paper to put stickers on, she gets more into her craft.  She’s not just putting stickers on a page, she takes the time to deliberately put animals in certain areas.  Whether these areas make sense is another question, but if she feels that a cow should lay on the tractor, who am I to contradict her creative thinking.

Caregivers can also use this play scene to inspire pretend play.  Let children use the stick puppets or toys to create their own farm story.  Sometimes, kids need a little help to start off, but often they’ll take over and play independently.

For instance, tell your child that all of the animals are loose and the farmers have to find them and put them back in the barn.  Another idea is for kids to take their toys on a field trip to the farm and petting zoo.  Who’s afraid of the animals, how do they other toys help?

There are so many ways this printable farm scene can inspire kids crafts, songs, and creative play.  Plus, caregivers can pair it with farm books and games to further learning.  Here’s the link to my PDF:  Free printable farm play scene mat kids craft

I’d love to hear how your kids used this play scene!  Comment below or post a photo of their creation on social media and tag me.




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