toddler printable learning activities

DIY First Learning Busy Book

Toddler printable learning activity book

My printable First Learning Busy Book marks one of my top sellers on Etsy. I designed this learning book to help toddlers reach developmental milestones, such as language development, color recognition, shape identification, size sorting, and more.

Using my child as a guide, I created an easy-to-assemble, no sew busy book based on her interests. For example, she loves dinosaurs and is working on assembling two-part puzzles, so I designed four dinosaur puzzles.

Additionally, my toddler loves farm animals, and mimicking their noises really encouraged her to say some of her first words, so I included a farm animal look and find activity. Young tots can learn to identify and name the animals, and older tots can expand this into an easy counting activity.

With my toddler in mind, I also created shape matching, color sorting, and size sorting activities. She loves learning about different vehicles (and especially loves school buses), so I featured vehicles with a size sorting activity.

In addition to these traditional printable activities, I included a movement game and a hide-and-seek game. The movement game encourages language development with animal sounds and physical development (such as hopping or balancing on one foot).

toddler printable learning activity

The hide-and-seek game marks my toddler’s favorite activity (so much so that I include similar versions of this in my other quiet books)! I really enjoy this one because she can play on her own, but we can also play it together. In this book, I hide a teddy bear under a blanket and she lifts the blankets until she finds the bear. She loves finding the bear over and over again, and it’s a great way to entertain her on-the-go.

When purchasing this learning book, you will receive an instant download PDF with all of the pages/activities as well as an educational guide and step-by-step assembly instructions.

To create one of my printable busy books, I highly recommend laminating the pages, so that they can stand up to spills and general toddler wear and tear. You can find a laminator on Amazon for under $35, and it’s worth the investment if you and your kids enjoy printable activities (like my family).

One of the best parts of purchasing an instant download file is that you can easily reprint any lost pieces or print additional books to give as gifts for kids’ birthday parties / Christmas.

To create this quiet book, you will need:

Use printable activities to create separate file folder games or combine them to make a busy binder or quiet book. I like to have my bound at my local print shop. Having the print shop bind them only costs a few dollars and really makes a big impact when I give them as gifts.

Click here to learn more about my First Learning Busy Book on Etsy.  In addition to this quiet book, my Christmas busy book and seasonal mini books are popular.

Do you have an idea for a printable theme or activity? I love hearing new ideas! Share your thoughts in the comments below. I may even make an activity just for you!


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