Free Father’s Day Craft Template

Because my tot loves helping Daddy fix things with his tools, we decided to make a special tool-themed sign for him this Father’s Day. This easy Father’s Day craft marks an adorable keepsake for dads. Plus, it’s something young children can make quickly and easily (with adult assistance). Here’s how you can make one:

Father's Day Free Kids Craft Template
  1. Print 2-3 signs, so you can pick the best footprint. (Click here to print my free Father’s Day Craft Template.)
  2. Prep your paint area. You’ll need grey paint, a brush, newspaper, and baby wipes or wet paper towels.
  3. Round up your kid(s) and paint their foot. A light layer of paint works best, so try not to add too much.
  4. Lift up their leg, position the sign below, and firmly place their foot on the paper. Older kids may be able to put their foot down themselves, but my toddler needed a little assistance.
  5. Repeat painting your child’s foot and pressing it on the signs until you have one that you like.
  6. Write or have your child write their name next to the red heart.
  7. Let it dry, and clean up your kiddo.

I hope you and your family enjoy this fun Father’s Day craft!


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