first day of preschool back to school gear

Top Etsy Picks for their First Day of Pre-K

Starting preschool marks a major milestones for kids and parents! From their outfit, first day of school sign, and backpack to educational activities, here’re are some of my favorite Etsy items for the back to school season.

Educational Busy Books

The first item of note are my printable busy books for young kids that target educational and developmental milestones. These busy books are packed with playful activities to engage kids and get them excited about learning new concepts.

For preschoolers, my favorite books include my First Lessons series as well as my seasonal and shapes mini books. They are super easy to make and one of the most affordable educational toys around. Here’s a link to my store, Kindred Inspiration.

These adorable Pre-K shirts

Several Etsy stores sell shirts to commemorate a child’s going to school milestone. Here are some of my favorite designs:

first day of preschool shirt
Preschool Crew Shirt by AulrexTees.

First Day of School Signs

Who doesn’t love those first day of school signs posted all over social media! It’s such a fun way to show not only how kids grow (as the traditional first day of school picture back in my day) but to show things like what they want to be when they grow up and what the like about school.

Here are some options that you can edit, download, and print in a snap.

Personalized Backpacks

Monogrammed backpacks can help you and your tot recognize which backpack is theirs among the sea of princess and superhero packs this fall. FallenStarCoutureInc has some great options that tots will love!

Cookie Treats

Yes, I have ordered cookies on Etsy and they were beautiful and delicious! Surprise your kiddos with these adorable, back to school themed cookies by TheSweetestBooth. Not only do they make a fun after-school snack, but your kiddos might pause long enough to tell you all about their day, teachers, and new friends!

Do you have a favorite back to school item on Etsy? Drop the link in the comments below!


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