Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

I am so excited for Easter this year because my toddler is so playful, and I love watching her experience new things.  For her basket, I try to pick items that will encourage her physical, mental, emotional, social and creative development.  These are my top Easter basket toys for a young toddler.

1.  Tommy International Hide N Squeak Eggs

This is not just a seasonal toy, but one that will grow with your toddler.  Young toddlers will like to take all the pieces out.  Putting the tops back on the eggs teaches provides an excellent fine motor activity.  When kids press down on the egg, it squeaks, which is great for babies as they learn cause and effect.

Personally, I love that these eggs can help teach emotional intelligence, colors and shapes.  Toddlers can practice making the various faces on the shells (smiling, sleeping, sticking out their tongue…), match the colors and learn the shapes on the bottom.  This toy really offers the a lot bang for its buck!

2.  Spring Busy Book

Printable spring toddler learning busy bookI design and sell printable busy books on Etsy.  Each book is designed with toddler educational and developmental milestones in mind.  Plus, they are easy to put together and keep kids busy at restaurants, waiting rooms, religious services, and in the car.  Simply print, assemble and enjoy!

3.  I Spy Little Bunnies Book

My little one is into these books right now, and they’ve helped blossom her problem solving, language and seek-and-find skills.  I love giving her books, and this one also provides a quiet-time activity for us to do together.

4. Fubbles No-Spill Bubbles

Bubbles make every toddler happy (or at least every toddler I’ve ever known).  I love Fubbles because they are mess-free.  It’s a great indoor and outdoor toy.  Plus, encouraging little ones to pop the bubbles improves hand eye coordination.  Add some music and have a bubble dance party to help little ones burn off their abundant energy.

5.  Skip Hop Explore and More Musical Egg Shaker Trio

I really love how cute these are, but mostly, I love that this is a toy that promotes family time together.  My toddler is very playful and really loves when she sing songs, play instruments and dance together.

Musical instruments help kids develop rhythm and learn a variety of different things.  For example, I teach my little one opposites as we shake the eggs slowly and quickly, up over our heads and down by our feet, and loudly and quietly.  She gets really into it!

6. Melissa & Doug Water Coloring & Painting Book

I love these because they are mess-free and REUSABLE!  That’s right.  My little one paints the page with water, and when it dries, she can paint it again and again.  It’s great for car rides, rainy afternoons and it even keeps her occupied in her highchair while I cook.

Plus, painting is a great fine motor activity and helps with her hand eye coordination while offering a creative outlet. Win. Win. Win.

Like these ideas?  I’ve made it super easy by linking each product to where you can buy it on Amazon!  Happy shopping!


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