Easter Toddler Activities

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My young toddler is at such a fun and busy age.  I am constantly scouring Pinterest, mom blogs and Google for fun kids activities, and this week has been all about Easter.  Here are some Easter activities for young toddlers.

 1. Easter Egg Hockey

My little one actually made this game up.  She likes to dump out all her empty Easter eggs on the living room floor.  Add a wooden spoon, and we have a new game– hockey.  We spent a long time smacking eggs around the floor with our spoons, and, bests of all, it was something that the whole family could enjoy doing together.  For older kids, you could certainly add a goal line with tape or they could chip the eggs up into a box or mixing bowl.

 2. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Mask

We made paper plate bunny masks at the library this week.  Although I did most of the glueing, cutting and taping, while my toddler stole glue sticks from the other kids, she really enjoyed playing with her mask when we finished.  Click here for an easy YouTube tutorial from “Easy Kids Craft.”

3. “Little Peter Rabbit” Fingerplay

I recently checked out the Wee Sing Children’s Songs and Fingerplays book/CD from our local library.  Despited being a little dated, it is a fantastic resource for parents tired of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and my little one loves all our new finger plays!  One of the songs we are singing this week is “Little Peter Rabbit.”  The lyrics go like this:

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear

And he flicked it till it flew away.

There are three hand motions for this song.  For “Rabbit,” put your hands up by your ears to make bunny ears.  For “fly,” twirl your pointer finger and land it on your ear.  For “flick,” brush your had against your ear to push the fly away.

You can sing this only once, or several times.  Wee Sing Together recommends signing it four times, leaving out a new word each time.  The second time, you’d leave out the word “rabbit” while just doing the hand motion.  The third time, you’d leave out the words “rabbit” and “fly.”  The final time, you would leave out the words “rabbit, fly and ear.”  Click here to watch this song in action on YouTube.

My little one thinks this song is so silly and giggles like crazy.  If you are interested in learning some other songs and finger plays, you can buy the Wee Sing book/cd on Amazon here.  We really enjoyed it.

4. Make Baby Chick Scrambled Eggs

Did I mention my toddler is busy?  It can be so hard to cook while she pulls at my pant legs and tries to get into things she shouldn’t (like the dog’s water bowl).  The blog, “Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons” has parents like me covered with their scrambled baby bird egg breakfast.  It’s adorable and so very simple.  Plus, eggs are full of protein and easy on a teething baby’s gums.  So, this year, we are forgoing the bunny pancakes for something fast, easy and a food my toddler is currently eating.  (If you are looking for some bunny pancakes or super cute (and healthy) frozen egg pops, check out my Easter Pinterest board here.)

5. Easter Egg Ramp Race

Take some cardboard, fold the sides up to keep the Easter egg on track, and prop it against a couch or chair.  I got this activity from the blog “AndNextComesL.”  Click here to check it out the post.  This Easter game is so easy, and I love that it uses simple items that I already have around the house.  My little one loved rolling the eggs down again and again.  While this activity did quickly deteriorate to her spinning on the cardboard and kicking her eggs saying “Wooo Wooo Wooo,” she enjoyed this activity.

6. Easter Window Decorating

My toddler and I purchased some window cling decorations from the Dollar Store, and now she has a little activity to keep her somewhat busy in the kitchen.  At first, she just wanted to chew on the clings, so I did have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she didn’t ingest or choke on any of the pieces.  Then, she enjoyed furiously ripping them off the window and throwing them on the ground.  And, after a week, she’s finally starting to pat them onto the window.  Overall, this was a cheap and easy way to occupy her and let her take part in our Easter decorating.

7. Put Easter Eggs on Egg Holder

This toddler activity is as simple as it sounds.  We inherited an Easter Egg holder for dyed eggs from Grandma, and my little one has had so much fun putting her plastic eggs on it and taking them off.  Plus, it’s a great fine motor activity!  You can purchase an egg holder on Amazon by clicking here.

8. Read Easter Books

Reading is a great way to help toddlers develop language skills.  Currently, we are making a point to read Peter Cottontail and The Story of Jesus.  I chose The Story of Jesus because Easter is a religious holiday and this board book does an amazing job of showing kids Jesus’ life while still touching on Jesus giving his life for us.  I don’t feel comfortable sharing a lot about Jesus’ journey to the cross with my little one just yet, but I feel that this book captures the essence of Jesus’ character.

Do you have a favorite Easter activity, craft, song, or recipe that you do with your toddler?  I’d love to hear about it!  Please share it in the comments below.  Also, check out my recent post Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers.


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