What to look for in a diaper bag

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Best diaper bag features

When you’re expecting, choosing a diaper bag that you’ll love is one of the best things you can do for your future parenting self.

Versatile Carrying Straps

Many moms, grab a diaper bag that they can sling over their shoulder like a purse.  This is a mistake in my opinion.  Shoulder carry bags easily slip off your shoulder, and mom’s holding or tending to an infant don’t usually have a free hand to put the bag back on their shoulder.

Similarly, backpack diaper bags are easy to carry, but don’t provide the ability to reach in and grab a teether, burp cloth, wallet, or wipes without having to take it off your back (again, you many only have one free hand).  Personally, I recommend a messenger style bag that converts into a backpack, which will give you versatility as well as two free hands, so you can hold your baby while  paying for groceries or signing them into the nursery.

Organizational Pockets

My husband makes fun of me because everything has it’s place in the diaper bag.  I work hard to keep it impeccably organized, and I rarely let other people help put things away because bibs, teethers, bottles, and diapers all have their own compartments.  I highly recommend looking for a variety of pocket sizes, dividers, and especially a place that you can put your cell phone and wallet so that they are easily accessible.  (It’s a lot easier if your diaper bag becomes your purse as well.)  If everything has it’s place, you’ll be able to blindly reach in and grab the medicine, snack, or wipes quickly, which comes in handy during a meltdown.

Easy Care Material

Babies are messy, and you’ll be taking your diaper bag everywhere for a while.  Opt for fabric that can be wiped clean both inside and out.  With easy care fabric, your diaper bag will look fresh and clean with minimal effort.  Plus, you won’t get nearly as upset when milk leaks inside the bag or something spills on the front.  Look for something that you can can clean quickly with a baby wipe.

Design and Pattern Conscious

Dads carry diaper bags too, so keep Dad’s masculinity in mind when choosing a diaper bag design.  There are a lot of neutral ones, and even some tactical diaper bags marketed to men.  In my household, I primarily use the diaper bag, so I choose one that suited my personal style but wasn’t overly girly.  My husband also has his own tactical diaper bag, so that he doesn’t have to take mine.

Choose a diaper bag that you like and functions well for your family.  We carried our diaper bag everywhere, even if we were only leaving the house for an hour.

Personally, I love my JJ Cole diaper bag!  It has enough organizational pockets, a spacious interior, and is big but not too big.  Also, I love that I can carry it as a messenger bag, backpack, and even hook it on to the stroller.  Click here to check it out on Amazon.

I highly recommend you add this bag or a similar one that provides versatility, organization, easy care, and a gender neutral design to your baby registry.  Here are some similar styles you may want to consider.

Hip Cub Diaper Bag

HaloVa Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

If you haven’t yet checked into Amazon’s Baby Registry, click here to do so!  I loved registering through them because Amazon’s website is easy to navigate for both you and those looking for your registry.  Amazon helps guide expecting parents through some of the items they will need, and the website offers really helpful reviews.

Plus, expecting parents may qualify for added registry benefits such as a one-time completion discount as well as more promotions for Prime members.  Additionally, Amazon has a great return policy, and you might even be able to schedule for someone to come to your house and pick up your return package (which is amazing when you’re in your third trimester)!

Have a favorite diaper bag or diaper bag feature? My readers and I would love to hear about it!  Post in the comments below.


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