I didn’t think I had to worry about my toddler’s access to heroin

Let me be clear, I have never used heroin.  I haven’t even seen it, or, perhaps it’d be more accurate to say that if I had, I didn’t know what I was looking at.  I am pretty naive when it comes to drugs and drug paraphernalia. 

So when the Bridgeville Police Department posted some very disturbing photos of drug paraphernalia found public places such as sidewalks, parking lots, and mulch beds, I was shocked.  I knew that drug use, particularly heroin, was a widespread and growing problem in our nation, but I didn’t expect to have to worry about my 1.5 year old having easy access to heroin, Fentanyl, or crystal meth when we go to the grocery store.

While it’s horrifying to think of a small child accidentally ingesting illegal drugs or merely touching something laced with Fentanyl (which could be fatal), I am so grateful that Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King took the time to share these pictures and educate parents, like me, on what to look for when taking kids to the park, walking trail, or store.

One important take away from Chief King’s Facebook post is his description of a stamp bag.  He writes, “A term that I want you to become familiar with is ‘stamp bag’: Small wax packets that contain mixtures of illicit drugs, most commonly heroin, packaged for sale and sometimes stamped with a graphical logo by drug dealers to market their contents.”

With permission from Chief King, I have republished his photos below.  Please share this information with your friends on social media to help educate others of the dangers of drug paraphernalia and how to spot it. 

heroin stamp bagsDrugs and Drug Paraphernalia


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