Magazines for kids 6 months – 3 years

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One of my secrets to keeping my toddler quiet while we are out is a toddler magazine.  We have subscriptions to two magazines, and these publications are built on sturdy, tear resistant paper that stands up to toddler antics.

Because so many people have asked me about what my child is “reading,” I felt that I should share it with you.  Magazine subscriptions make a fabulous gift; in fact, that’s how I learned about these magazines.  Someone gave my daughter a subscription for her first birthday, and it was one of the best gifts.

So here’s what my 1.5 year old is reading:

Highlights Hello

Highlights Hello is a short magazine that includes songs, stories, rhymes, and a Find It puzzle.  It’s perfect for children as young as 6 months, but kids start to grow out of it by 2.

Issues focus on a central theme like pets, transportation, bugs, and body parts.  One of the things that surprised me was that my one-year-old really related to these magazines.  For instance, the pets issue taught her how to gently touch our dog, something I hadn’t been able to get through to her.

When children grow out of Highlights Hello, parents can contact Highlights and switch to the Highlights High Five subscription at any time.  Another option is to switch to a Babybug subscription which targets children up to 3 years old.


Babybug is a Cricket Media publication and includes 9 issues annually.  It is longer than Highlights Hello, which makes it more suitable for 1-3 year olds.

Issues include relatable stories, movement activities, and poems.  Many characters appear in multiple magazines which provides a nice continuity to their stories, and there’s also a Find It activity on the back to encourage kids to go back and “re-read” the magazine.

Overall, both magazines promote reading and teach children early concepts.  My toddler really relates to the stories, rhymes, songs, and illustrations.  Plus, these magazines are easy to store in my purse, so I can give my child a quiet activity while riding in the car, waiting in line, or eating a family meal.

Honestly, Highlights Hello and Babybug are well worth the price tag and make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts.  To check them out on Amazon, click the photos above or these links:  Highlights Hello and Babybug.

Do your toddlers have a favorite magazine?  Share it in the comments below!

magazine subscription for toddlers


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