Kids Activity: Scents of Summer

Summer sensory and craft kids activity

As summer winds down, I’m running out of backyard activities, and our water table only holds my toddlers attention so long.  It’s hot, so I don’t feel like doing much more than sitting in the shade.

I had to come up with something this morning, and our blooming, slightly overgrown flower beds gave me a great idea.  I gathered blooms from different flowers and a vase to create a floral sensory tray and craft!  (As a bonus, we saw some honey bees while we were gathering flowers, and my toddler got to watch them gather pollen.)

After gathering our flowers, I displayed them each on the tray and let my toddler smell, touch, and explore each one.  We had petunias, lavender, and blossoms from our butterfly bush.

I described the colors, textures, bloom size/shape, and scents to her.  I noted that the lavender scent reminded me of her lotion and bath soap, because those are lavender scented items she uses frequently.

Next, I showed her how to remove some of the leaves and put the flowers in the vase.  My toddler needed a break, so she mostly pulled the flowers I put in the vase out and whined, so we had to cut that part of the activity short.

Although my toddler wasn’t having any part of floral arranging today, I have presented a preschooler with this activity, and she loved it.  Preschoolers can focus longer than a young toddler, so we used a few more types of flowers.  Floral arranging made a great preschool craft as she practiced her cutting skills and dexterity.  Plus, we got outside, she learned to identify some flowers, and experienced new fragrances.

Overall, I encourage parents and caregivers to set up their own floral sensory activity.  It’s a great way to teach children about the world around them, let them experience new smells and textures, and provide a creative craft that they can display or give to someone.


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