Toddler Water Sensory Fourth of July Play

5 Fourth of July Activities for Toddlers

Recently, my little one attended Vacation Bible School and loved all the crafts she got to make. She’s been asking to make things nonstop, so I have to up my crafting game! So today, I actually had a bit of time, and I prepped some Fourth of July themed crafts and activities for my toddler to do this week!

Here are 5 Fourth of July themed activities for toddlers.

1. Star Punch

Using a star-shaped hole punch, toddlers can easily make stars out of construction paper! This activity will strengthen their hands and help their overall fine motor development. Plus, I’m using the stars and scrap paper in other Fourth of July projects.

Fourth of July Toddler Craft Activity

2. Stars and Stripes Collage

My little one loves using a glue stick right now! So, I’m using some of the stars she punched out in the first activity as well as some long strips of construction paper. She’ll use the glue stick and these pieces of paper to create her own Independence Day Collage.

Fourth of July Toddler Craft

3. Do-A-Dot Paper Plate Flag

Dobber markers are also a favored craft tool right now, so we’re making a paper plate flag with them! I drew some circles in blue and red marker to give her a guide as to where to dab her dobbers. Overall, it took about a minute to prep this activity. As you can see, my paper plate template is pretty rough, but hey, it’s a toddler activity, so no need to put a lot of time and energy into perfecting it! In addition to the dobbers, my tot can also decorate her flag with some star stickers. It should be interesting when it’s all done!

Fourth of July Toddler Do-A-Dot Craft

4. Confetti Canon

I wish I could show my little one some fireworks, but she falls asleep pretty early. I don’t trust her with sparklers yet, so I found this really cute confetti canon that she may enjoy. To speed things up, I prepped the canon, so all she has to do is decorate it and cut out some confetti.

To make the canon, you’ll need a cardboard roll, balloon, paper, glue, and scissors. First, glue the paper on the cardboard roll. Then, tie a knot in the balloon (this will be the handle) and cut off the tip on the other end. Finally, affix the balloon over the paper roll. When you pull the knotted side, the paper will project out of the roll, creating a confetti cannon!

My tot will decorate her canon with star stickers. Then, we’ll use the stars and scrap paper from her star punch activity as confetti. It should be a lot of fun!

How to make a confetti canon kids craft

5. Independence Water Play

A little bit of water goes a long way in our house. Simply give my toddler a tray with water, glass containers, and a dropper or ladle, and she’ll be occupied for a good 15 minutes. To add some holiday flare, I provided red and blue water (colored with food coloring), so she can mix colors. I highly recommend setting water activities up on a tray because toddlers spill things. The tray will hold most if not all of the spilled water, making clean up super easy!

Toddler Water Sensory Fourth of July Play

Bonus: Free Printable

Looking for another easy kids activity to celebrate Independence Day? Check out my free, printable Color Find It. It’s a great I-spy puzzle for young tots! Click here to view the PDF.

Free Fourth of July Printable Activity

Are you doing any special craftivities for the Fourth of July? Share your favorites in the comments below!


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