Mermaid Printable Learning Activities

To celebrate the launch of my latest busy book, I’m posting two mermaid themed free printable kids activities! I love designing printable learning activities for busy books, learning binders, and file folder games.

When my little one became obsessed with mermaids, I had two thoughts. First, what a cute theme for a busy book. Second, what a great way to introduce her to some ocean animals while encouraging some of other budding skills such as pre-writing, letters, patterns, and colors.

After weeks of designing and redesigning activities and games, I developed a 13 page book filled with fun kids activities. Here’re a few of our favorite activities that are pretty unique to this book:

mermaid printable busy book patterning activity
  • Necklace Patterns – This open-ended activity lets kids design their own sea shell necklaces and create a variety of different patterns. Plus, customers can print as many sea shells as they like, so you won’t have to stress over lost pieces.
mermaid busy binder printable activities
  • Wipeable Activities – I’ve included four activities that kids can do over and over again. After laminating, simply use a washable or dry erase marker. My little one loves drawing on the pages and wiping them clean with a damp cloth.
mermaid printable busy binder activities
  • Find the Pearl – Because of this game’s ease and popularity, I actually have a similar game in several of my books. Kids love hiding and finding the pearl!

Click here to view the other fun activities included: Mermaids – a bubbly busy book.

One of my favorite things about these books is how cost-effective and easy they are to make. Customers can instantly download a PDF of this busy book as well as my step-by-step assembly guide (complete with pictures). Simply print, assembly, and enjoy.

I recommend laminating pages for longer use and durability as well as using hook and loop fasteners (like these ones on Amazon) to attach the removable pieces. Plus, these pages fit great in a binder!

Ok, enough about my latest busy book. You’re probably interested in my free printable mermaid activities (I know I would be)! Here you go:

Mermaid Play Dough Mats

Spark creativity and imagination with these adorable play dough mats. With four mats on one sheet of paper, kids have a variety of mermaid scenes to work with at home or on-the-go. These play dough mats are the perfect size for busy bags, quiet boxes, or restaurant kits. Just add some fishy cookie cutters and a small container of play dough, and you have a great go-to activity when you need it.

Click here to get your free mermaid play dough mats. Laminating these mats makes them much more durable, and kids can play with them again and again.

Mermaid Lacing Cards

Lacing and sewing activities make great activities to strengthen fine motor skills. Simply print, laminate, cut out each card, and punch holes along the edges. Click here to get your mermaid lacing cards.

With six different designs, you can keep a few in your car, in your purse, or at home. Like the play dough mats, these make great additions to busy bags, quiet boxes, and restaurant kits. Just add some colorful shoe strings, and you’ll have a great go-to activity when you need it.

Mermaid graphics featured on my play dough mats and lacing cards by Prettygrafikdesign.

Can’t get enough under-the-sea activities? Check out my free printable sunken treasure scene. It’s great for sticker crafts!


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