free printable fall shapes toddler board game

Free Printable Fall Shapes Board Game

Encourage toddlers to practice shape recognition skills with this free, Fall-themed printable board game. Simply click the link below to print the board game and playing cards, and you will have an instant rainy day activity perfect for 2-5 year olds!

Once my toddler mastered learning her basic shapes, we started to work on recognizing shapes in everyday objects. For instance, cookies are shaped like a circle and eggs have an oval shape.

free printable fall shapes toddler board game

This educational game helps kids match basic shapes to objects. With a variety of different objects to match, young kids will have plenty of fun practicing their shape recognition skills!

This free printable game includes the game board and three pages of seasonal graphics in the shape of either a circle, rectangle, or triangle. Graphics included relate to a variety of seasonal items and holidays such as back-to-school supplies, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, and more.

I recommend either printing these pages (4 total) on heavy cardstock or laminating them for longer durability. Game pieces are not included. In our house, we use small toys on the game board (rainbow counting bears work really well for this game).

The rules of the game are simple. Pick up a card. Identify the item’s shape (circle, rectangle, or triangle). Move your game piece to that shape on the board. Keep taking turns matching the shapes until someone (or everyone) reaches the finish line.

While this game is designed to be competitive, my tot actually likes it if we as a team, taking turns moving the same game piece. She doesn’t seem to get the idea of winning the board game (even though she’s very competitive in a foot race)! Honestly, I play the game however makes her happy as long as we are practicing shape recognition, taking turns, and good sportsmanship.

Fall Feels – a shape recognition board game

Click to view PDF.

Like this game? You may like my Fall Kids Activity Kit. It includes this game as well as Fall-themed yoga cards, lacing cards, play dough mats, pom pom mats, and other fun craftivities for kids ages 2+. Click here to see more seasonal kids activity kits in my Etsy shop.


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