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Pom Pom Printable Toddler Activity Pack

My three-year-old has been obsessed with pom pom activities since she was about a year old. We use them for sensory bins, gel bags, play dough trays, loose parts play, crafts, and even in her play kitchen to “cook” pom pom soup.

These colorful little balls of fuzz are always a hit, and her enthusiasm inspired me to design a printable learning pack just for pom poms! Together, we developed 10 printable pom pom activities to reinforce colors, counting, patterns, symmetry, creativity, and fine motor skills.

Unlike some of my other printable learning activity packs, you can simply print and play. Honestly, you just need about 18 colorful pom poms. I recommend 3 of each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Increase difficulty by adding tongs or spoons and encouraging kids to manipulate the pom poms with these tools. In addition to pom poms, you can use play dough, colorful cereal/snacks, foam shapes, erasers, bingo markers, counting bears, and other colorful math manipulatives.

We print our activities on regular computer paper. I like to keep the pages loose, so I can easily switch them out in the kitchen (she does this while I cook or drink tea).

There’s no need to laminate or cut any pieces. Of course, with 10 different activities, you can easily slide these pages into page protectors to create a busy book or preschool learning binder for easy, go-to activities while traveling, at restaurants, or in waiting rooms.

My printable Pom Pom Activity Pack is available for instant download on Etsy. The minimal cost helps cover my design software subscription and web hosting expenses, so I can keep providing fun, printable learning activities for your little ones!

Here’s a peak at our printable Pom Pom Activity Pack:

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book 2

1. Color Wheel

Match pom poms to their perspective circles on the color wheel. It’s also a great addition to rainbow-themed activities and understanding the color spectrum.

Changing Tires

My toddler’s favorite activity right now as she loves all things cars and car-related. This cute activity challenges kids to match colors.

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book

Ice Cream Shop

Reinforces counting and number recognition as toddlers count and stack “scoops” onto ice cream cones.

Caterpillar patterns

Introduce ABAB patterns with this adorable bug-themed pom pom activity. Encourage kids to create their own pattern too!

Flower Garden

Inspire creativity and imaginative play by challenging kids to design different flowers using pom poms.

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book 3

Rain Boot Symmetry

Another favorite of my toddler’s right now as she loves to match the different boot designs.

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book 1

Design a Necklace

Creative, somewhat open-ended activity in which kids can design a colorful necklace. You can also challenge kids to create various patterns.

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book 5

Paint Mixing

These monsters provide a funny way to reinforce primary and secondary colors.

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book

Feed the Fish

Because little kids always seem to like to feed animals! This activity is mostly just for fun and to help strengthen fine motor skills.

toddler pom pom activity printable mat busy book

Follow the Trail

Challenge kids to move pom poms along their corresponding trail to reinforce color recognition and object manipulation. It’s a great pre-writing activity!

Check out this easy, print & play pack as well as my other printable learning activities and games in my Etsy Shop (click here).


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