Free Printable Sticker Reward Charts

I first introduced sticker reward charts when we started potty training, and they were an incredible help! My tot loved picking out a sticker each time she went potty, and got really excited when she got a “special treat” for completing the whole chart. I loved that my toddler started to use the potty more and more.

Since potty training, I have used the sticker chart to reinforce other behaviors, like washing her hands without assistance. Other things you may use a sticker reward chart for include getting dressed, brushing teeth, picking up their toys…

A note about “special treats”

So, when my toddler completes the entire sticker sheet, she gets a special treat. While I do offer a small toy or snack from time to time, I really try to make her special treats more experience-based and less object based. After all, cheap toys don’t hold her attention and just take up space in the toy box. Whereas, doing something special together is a more meaningful reward for my daughter.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • Baking a special treat together like dirt pudding, cookies, or cupcakes. She really likes cooking and anything that involves sprinkles.
  • She got to pick out a DVD to borrow from the library. Because her screen-time is limited, my toddler really got excited to borrow a movie for a week. I loved that we got to return the movie to the library.
  • Craft kits and activities. When I’m at craft stores or the Dollar Store, I pick up quick, ready-to-go crafts like foam sticker kits, water color painting books, suncatcher kits, felt marker kits, play dough cutters, and small projects that I can pull out of a closet or drawer on rainy days. Even though we do crafts regularly, my tot liked picking a “special” craft from my bin for us to do together that afternoon.
  • Special outings. It could be something big like going to the zoo or museum or something smaller like going to a different playground, visiting a national park/attraction, jumping at the trampoline park, playing at the splash pad, free movie mornings at the theater, or going out for lunch/donuts/frozen yogurt… Honestly, I was usually planning on going to these places anyway, but I would pitch it to my toddler as a special treat for a job well done.
  • New books. My toddler loves story time. I love not reading the same book over and over again. So finding reasons to treat my little one with a new book is always win-win.

Free Printable Sticker Reward Charts

Simply click the links below to download a PDF of one of our sticker charts. I hope this motivates your child as much as it did mine!


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