Valentines Day Kids Activities and Crafts 2020

3 Valentines Day Craftivities For Toddlers

It’s officially February, and my tot and I have already launched into some fun Valentine’s Day crafts and activities. Here are some fun, easy toddler activities to try with your littles.

Make a heart out of river stones (or whatever loose parts you have laying around!)

Valentine’s Day Rocks

This kids activity required little prep work to set up. Truthfully, my toddler spent about 10 minutes on this activity, which isn’t as long as I’d hoped, but she did work on it multiple times and was very proud to show Dad how she could make a heart with rocks.

For this Valentine’s Day kids activity simply draw a heart on a piece of paper and dump some river stones (or any loose parts you have on hand) next to it. Encourage kids to create a heart without stacking stones or going outside the lines.

This learning activity focuses on spacial awareness and shapes, similar to puzzles.

Foam Shape Craft Kit

I bought a foam sticker kit at the dollar store. The kit contained four designs, which is great because my toddler is a little older and burns through foam sticker crafts a lot quicker now!

It took a little time to set up her craft trays, but in the end she could do the crafts mostly independently after we did one together. (She does have trouble removing the sticker backing on the eyes, so I help her with that.)

Sticker crafts are a great, mess-free option, and I really enjoyed that I could set up four different trays throughout the week for her to play independently.

Valentines Day Kids Painting Craft

Making Valentines

What started as a stamping activity morphed into finger-painting, but more importantly, this Valentine’s Day craft gave my toddler a creative outlet for her pent up energy!

To make this craft, we used construction paper, painters tape, washable paint, and a pencil (I also used scissors). Using the brown paper, I created some quick heart templates (no need for perfection, this is a toddler craft). Then, I used painters tape to attach the hearts to her yellow and pink construction paper. On a side note, I like to cut her paper into quarters because it seems like it’s more manageable for her to work with smaller pieces than one large piece, and it wastes less paper.

Then, I gave my toddler her paper and some paint, and showed her how to stamp with her pencil eraser. Like many crafts, she announced she was “done” in about 30 seconds, but I reminded her that we needed to cover ALL of the yellow or pink paper in order for the heart shape to show up.

I don’t know that she got the concept, but she really perked up and engaged in the activity when I put on some of her favorite music (currently the soundtrack from the movie Frozen).

After her valentine’s were dry, I helped her peel off the brown paper and tape. Then I let her put some finishing touches on her cards with stickers and by “signing” her name (aka doodling or writing a letter that’s in her name).

Overall, she was very proud, and it was a really fun way to spend the morning! She can’t wait to give her valentines to family and friends in the coming days, especially her new baby cousin.

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