How to make a “The Floor is Lava” sensory bin

We love playing “The Floor is Lava,” and, yes, we’ve been watching the show on Netflix as well! While setting up obstacle courses in the house and outside is fun and gets my tot’s energy out, I was inspired to create a themed sensory bin for her when I saw how much she also loved playing with shaving cream. (Ok, so it was a little more for me because I needed to do something different, but we both had fun playing with it!) Here’s how to make one like us:

Supplies Needed

  • Bin or container
  • Shaving Cream
  • Red Finger paint
  • Blocks and toys that can get messy

How to Create this Bin

First, I emptied about half a can of shaving cream into a plastic bin. Next, I added some red finger paint and swirled it around with a spoon. Then, I placed a few small blocks that we use for other sensory and messy play projects.

One nice thing about shaving cream style sensory bins is that you can totally freeze them. I know that sounds weird and like a little too much work, but having a super-cool, new activity for my tot on those days when we are just so so bored (like during quarantine) really comes in handy. So yes, I did prep this after she went to bed and brought it out for her to play with a few days later.

Make a “Floor is Lava” Sensory Bin

Finally, I added my tot’s rainbow bears to be the challengers. We also put together a tray with play dishes, scoops, and water. Sometimes I like to get her started on an activity, especially a special one like this. She tends to play longer and enjoy it more if I am involved in the play at least early on.

She played with the bears while I acted as the announcer, and when I phased out to feed the baby, she started to add water and get really messy. She loves shaving cream, and I love that shaving cream looks really messy, but it’s actually really easy to clean up!


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