Fall-themed Printable Kids Learning Activity Kit

Celebrate Fall as a family with my printable kids activity kit. This kit includes variety of learning activities geared towards kids 2+. It’s perfect for busy bags, independent play, craft time, and family game night.

My Fall-themed Kids Activity Kit includes:

1. “Soup” Recipe Cards

Great for inspiring pretend play, color recognition, counting, and following directions. Kids will love creating Candy Corn Chowder, Scarecrow Soup and other fun, seasonal dishes with pom poms, play dough, colorful cereal, or even legos.  

2. Fall Play Mats

These seasonal mats are perfect for strengthening fine motor skills. Kids can create their own apple orchard, sell produce at the Farmer’s Market, or create colorful candy using manipulative such as pom poms, colorful cereal, or play dough. Challenge kids to match colors, count produce, and pretend to sell fruits and veggies at the Farmer’s Market.  

3. Play Dough Mats

Provide a quick and easy craftivity by challenging kids to create their own pumpkin patch, make a sunflower, and design clothes for their scarecrow. Play dough is wonderful for strengthening hand muscles and helps give young children a creative, calming outlet. Add pipe cleaners, buttons, beads, and other loose parts to inspire open-ended play.

4. Lacing Cards

Hole punching and lacing are wonderful ways to strengthen fine motor skills. These cards are great for busy bags, road trips, or just a quick activity to keep kids occupied while dinner is being cooked.

5. Cut and Paste Worksheets

STEM worksheets designed to also strengthen scissor skills. Worksheets introduce kids to seasonal foods and the lifecycle of a Sunflower. Caregivers can take these activities a step further by giving kids some seasonal foods to try or planting a sunflower.

6. Fall Yoga Cards

I always look for creative ways to encourage my kids to exercise indoors (or out if the weather permits). These Fall-themed yoga cards provide a short, guided yoga flow that let kids act silly by doing the “bobbing for apples” pose or “having like an acorn.” Yoga is great for physical exercise as well as practicing balance and patience.  

7. Shapes Board Game

My Fall Feels Board Game incorporates all the things I love about Fall: seasonal changes, foods, decor, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving… Kids match the shapes on the cards to advance in this fun, family-friendly printable game.

What You Need:

1. Printer – Download and print files instantly on Etsy
2. Scissors
3. Cardstock, page protectors, or laminating recommended for durability.
4. Play Dough
5. Manipulatives (pom poms, counting bears, colorful cereal, small erasers…) 
6. Home Puncher
7. String (for lacing cards)

As a mom, I love when I can provide my kids with fun, engaging activities that also help build motor skills, social skills, and early childhood education. I design printable activities for my kids and offer our family favorites in my Etsy shop


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