Printable Christmas Toddler Quiet Book

Christmas Quiet Book

Recently, I’ve started to create (and sell) quiet books.  My toddler loves them, plus they are super convenient and educational!  It’s great for travel and for a cost-effective, DIY Christmas gift.

Making a busy book is easy!  If you can print and cut, you can make a quiet book.


  1. Printable Activity Pages (click here for my Printable Christmas Busy Book on Etsy).
  2. Printer
  3. Computer Paper or Cardstock
  4. Scissors
  5. Velcro Dots or Magnets
  6. Laminator (optional)
  7. Hole Punch (optional)
  8. Binder or Binding Ring (optional)


  1. Print out all activity pages.
  2. Cut out book pieces.
  3. Put paper in laminating pouch and feed through laminator.  I prefer the 5MIL thick pouches because they are very durable.  If you do not have a laminator, your local print shop can laminate pages for you or you can try cardstock.
  4. Cut out laminated book pieces.
  5. Round any corners on pages or book pieces so they are not sharp.
  6. Use velcro dots or magnets to attach cut outs to activity pages.
  7. Assemble your book.  Some people like to make separate file folder activities, others add pages to their toddler’s busy binder.  For the Christmas book, I had a local print shop bind it for about $3.

That’s all there is to it!  Busy books are great for traveling, days when you or your toddler is sick, and entertaining young children in waiting rooms or at family meals.  Plus, these hands-on activities provides a great learning tool for toddlers!

If you are looking for great printable kids activities, check out my Etsy shop, KindredInspiration.  I add new printable books, mini books, and educational packs all the time.


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