Easy, DIY Christmas Ornament

Easy, DIY Christmas “Grow Up” Ornament

For an easy, heartwarming gift this year, make a “Grow Up” ornament.  Grow Up ornaments contain a removable ribbon, so parents can mark how tall their child grows each year. 

A Grow Up ornament is easy to make and requires practically no skill.  (My two-year-old helped me make one for her.)  Plus, you can buy all the materials at the Dollar Store.


  • Plastic Ornament Bulb (large size with removable hanger)
  • 9 ft. Christmas ribbon with a white backing (about the width of your thumb)
  • Markers, stickers, glitter (optional)


  1. Unroll the ribbon from the spool and cut about one elbow-length strip.
  2. Remove hanger from plastic bulb and feed your long ribbon into the ornament.
  3. Use the small strip of ribbon to tie a bow.
  4. Decorate your bulb with glitter, markers, or stickers.  (Optional)

Each year, you will pull this bulb out when your family is decorating the tree, and you’ll remember to measure how tall your child has grown.  You can simply draw a line at their height and write the year by your mark.  Then roll the ribbon back up and put it back in the bulb for next year.

I got this idea from my mom’s group at church and loved it because this ornament will remind me to measure how big my child is growing (something I’ve been slacking on).  It’s a wonderful keepsake and takes only a few minutes to create.

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