How to make a toddler busy binder: Hide and Seek Page

Hide and Seek Printable Toddler Activity by Kindred Inspiration.

This Hide and Seek game is one of my most popular busy book pages for toddlers. Kids as young as 18 months can play and learn about object permanence. It’s a great addition to printable busy books, learning binders and file folder games.


Assembly Instructions

How to Make a Hide and Seek Busy Book Page by Kindred Inspiration.
  1. Print PDF document available on my Etsy shop.
  2. Cut out all graphics (bear and three blankets)
  3. Laminate the page and graphics.
  4. Cut out laminated graphics.
  5. Use the grey dots as a guide to placing your self adhesive fasteners. The bear adheres to the top dots and should be hidden under the blankets.
  6. Introduce this activity and play with your little ones.

For young toddlers, this game can help teach object permanence (just because you can’t see the bear doesn’t mean that the bear isn’t still there). As kids grow older, this game provides an entertaining diversion, and builds social skills as kids learn to play with each other.

This Hide and Seek page makes a great addition to toddler busy books, preschool learning binders, and file folder games.

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